munCLUB is an extracurricular activity that has been developing for more than 6 years at the university and this is the second consecutive year that it is also being carried out for high schools.

But, what is munCLUB TEEN?

munCLUB TEEN are trainings in which skills such as public speaking, negotiation and persuasion are acquired and put into practice during the Model United Nations, which will later be projected in the professional careers of the participants.

This program consists of 5 sessions, a weekly session of 1 hour and a half, in which 50% is active participation of the students. These trainings are given by URJC trainers with extensive experience and a recognized track record in Model United Nations.

The starting date and the language in which the activity will be carried out will be agreed with the schools. Our team is very flexible when it comes to adapting to your needs.

The trainings are the ideal opportunity for students to develop key skills for their future.

This activity arises from the need for URJCmun TEEN to be a complete experience for its participants, they are additional to the model and ensure proper preparation so that they will develop a good role as delegates within their respective committees.

Frequently asked questions

At munCLUB TEEN we understand that each center has specific schedules, so we offer flexible schedules and establish the training according to the availability of the teachers and their students.

munCLUB has an annual fee of 35€ which includes the general training, all the content of the classes and support from the trainers for the work prior to the model in March.

It is not mandatory to take the training to become a delegate in URJCmun TEEN, however we do recommend, especially to people who are entering for the first time in this world, to take it because they will understand much better how the model works. In addition, they will live a much more complete and enriching experience.