Committees in english 2023


Topic A

The use of private Military Companies

Topic B

The Role of Mass media: objectivity and influence on public opinion


Pablo Cuesta Sanz

Pablo Cuesta Sanz is a third-year Communication and Digital Media Student at IE University in Madrid. Being part of a big international environment during his university studies has allowed him to fulfill his urge to get in touch with new cultures, as well as with new people with different backgrounds from his.

Debating has only enhanced his experience. He was first introduced to debate during his second year of University, with his first experience at a MUN Conference at IEUMUN 2021. Since then, he has been a great enjoyer of these models, and has become the president of the IE Debate Club in the process, a position that has granted him multiple professional and social opportunities.

He believes that MUN conferences are the perfect setting for curious minds to join forces and work together towards the goal of improving things that are currently flawed, while also establishing the special kind of human connections that this experience creates between their participants.

Empathetic, kind, and humorous, but determined and serious when needed, hopes to enhance the experience of the delegates of his committee overall, with hopes of seeing them in future editions!

Fernando Prieto

Fernando Prieto it’s a third grade student in the double major of Economics and Political Science and Public Management. He is a passionate of international relations, economics and politics, and it’s a member of the URJC Debate Club. His experience in other MUN’s as a delegate and chair, encourages and motivates him to participate in this year’s edition.