Committees in english 2023


Unique topic

The impact of social drugs and addictions: perspectives and solutions to a global problem


Clara García

Clara García Garmilla is a first year Law student at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Her participation in different MUNs, both as a delegate and as a chair, has allowed her to understand how committees work and how to adapt to different scenarios. In addition, her experience in debate has helped her to anticipate problems and future needs. As captain of a debate team, she has been in charge of coordinating different issues and encouraging her colleagues to engage in dialogue.

Clara considers herself a responsible, hard-working person who, above all, gives her all in every project she is involved in. Both her experience and her passion for MUNs and debate make her a motivated and enthusiastic chair, who will always try to create a participatory, critical and collaborative space for all students.

Irene García

Irene García is a third year student of International Relations at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Vicálvaro. She started in the world of simulations in the 3rd year of ESO and still enjoys them as the first day. As Chair, she would bring seriousness to the debate, creating an inclusive and close atmosphere for all delegates as well as an informal and sociable atmosphere once the session is suspended.