Committees in english 2023


Topic A

Non-State actors’ pursuit of CBRN weapons

Topic B

Border security and arms trafficking


Pablo Espinar

Pablo is studying a Law Degree and European Law Degree at the CEU San Pablo University. Throughout his school and university life he has been able to participate in more than 8 models of United Nations at national and international level among which HarvardMUN and MUNLAWS stand out. Thanks to all this experience he feels prepared to face the presidency of DISEC in this edition of URJCMUN Teen, where he hopes to help the delegates throughout the model and collaborate with them so that they can give the best of themselves during the model.

Miguel Romero

Miguel Romero Alfageme is a student of International Relations at the University Rey Juan Carlos. Since he was very young, his greatest passion has been traveling around the world to discover new cultures and learn about the problems that other countries have to face. After his first participation in URJCmun in 2020, during his first year, Miguel realized that debating to reach agreements was his thing, so in the not too distant future he sees himself working in an international organization, collaborating to make this world a fairer and more egalitarian one.

Miguel defines himself as an ambitious person, with an open mind and a positive attitude towards everything, as he believes that this is the main starting point to be able to achieve real and effective solutions. All this, together with his seriousness in the moments when it is necessary and his particular sense of humor, will contribute to this edition in which, after three years with a remarkable participation as delegate, he wants to aspire higher, enjoying the experience from the Presidency table. Such is Miguel’s great enthusiasm for this model that his class friends call him Mun-guel.